Religious Place +
Soothe your weary soul
Many people are drawn to Carmen’s religious places, the most popular of which is the St. Benedicts Monastery.
A famous landmark seen in group photos is a huge image of the Holy Child, the Sr. Sto. Nino.
Resorts +
Balm for the physically beat
There are not many resorts in Carmen but the ones available draw crowds especially during weekends because of affordability.
Mostly on the mountains with fresh spring water, their nature-inspired themes are soothing.
Tourism & Heritage +
Old objects and buildings tell tales
One wooden image of the Sto. Nino, legends say, dates back to Magellan’s time.
A burial place for Japanese soldiers withstands the passing of time.

Festival +
Founded ahead of Cebu City’s Sinulog
Though not as grand as its counterpart in the capital city, Carmen’s Sinulog shows of the same intense devotion.
A time for the whole community to gather in celebration, marked by colorful props and costumes.
Products & Agriculture +
Highlighting Carmen’s creative side
Sinamay or abaca hemp is weaved into bags, furniture, etc.
One can find here hectares and hectares of land planted with bananas, vegetables, and papayas and some areas are used as ponds for prawns, and for crabs.
Galletas, a local biscuit, seen everywhere in Cebu and sold in various bakeries, goes way back in Carmen’s history.
Transparency +
Full Disclosure Policy
The Full Disclosure Policy is a government’s policy that requires local officials of provinces, cities, and municipalities to fully disclose particular financial transactions of the LGU to keep their constituents informed of how the LGU budget is managed, disbursed and used.
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