Carmen Bay
Carmen Bay

The scenic and serene view of the Carmen bay calms the weary. 

The bay is rich in history. It had served as a protective and safe harbor to passing ships during bad weather and during the second world war. 

In the book “Captivity, Flight and Survival in World War II,” author Alan J. Levine mentions of an American engineer, who fled the country from Panay island before the Japanese arrived and hid at the Carmen bay in Cebu to replenish their supplies for the months-long trip to New Guinea and Australia.

At present, families are seen frolicking on this area, relaxing with their children in the afternoons and during weekends.

There is a floating restaurant at the bay, and food stalls line up the shore.

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 Carmen Bay
 Mangitngit Falls
 Japanese grave marker
 The First Sinulog in Cebu
 St. Agustin Parish Church
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